The Setup Package is what you need if you don’t have anything.

I have kept it separate for a few reasons, chief among which is the fact that it allows you to have full control over your site.

I will purchase your desired website address, link it to a hosting service and download the relevant software for you, but importantly, I will name you as the owner of the website.

Your website's address

otherwise known as The Domain

Things have changed slightly from the “www.” days, and guess what… it’s slightly more complicated. Thankfully not overly so.

I can search available domains for you, just contact me with what you would like your domain to be, and I’ll get back to you with the available options. If you specifically want a .com (for example) let me know that too. I can help you choose the best domain for you, I am always happy to assist & advise.

If you have already checked that the domain you want is available, then we can get straight to work. Contact me for a quote making sure to tell me exactly the domain you want and I’ll get back to you ASAP with a quote. Please make sure to include if you want the .com or or another variant.

Side note: Domains are not necessarily the name of the site, for example B&Q’s domain is Additionally, just because someone already owns the .com, doesn’t mean you can’t own – like this website. I wanted, but it wasn’t available, so I bought

Hosting service

Once you have a domain, it needs to live somewhere. That’s where hosting comes in. There are lots of different hosting facilities out there, each one claiming to be the best, or cheapest, or most stable… I selected what I think is the best all rounder. I have used it for every website I have set up and designed and have been mightily impressed with them.

If you have a specific hosting service you want to use, let me know and we can build on that.

Generally they are purchased in yearly chunks, but reductions can be had if longer is purchased. Again, I am happy to assist and advise on the best option for you. Contact me and we can get started

Relevant software !?

Yeah… this one is important. !

Work in progress.

Contact me if you need more info