Social media is a massive part of our online lives, and as such linking to it is a major need of most websites.

No doubt you already have a Facebook page, or Linked-in, or one of the many others for personal use. Bellow is a link to my personal Facebook & Linked in. They take your customers to the social media page page from there they can like, comment, post etc.

And / or they can link to your companies Facebook, Twitter, Insta (etc) page. AWARR web design only has a Facebook page…

And then there is the “share” links, like the ones at the bottom of this post. They capture the page and share text & images on your customers social media. Linking back to the original source.

Because I understand the importance, all of my websites are designed to include links to social media, and can be places wherever is best for you and your customers.

Available as an option on all website designs is the ability to include Social Media Feeds, but that’s a topic for another post

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