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Keeping the software that runs your website up to date is incredibly important. In fact, it can be more important than keeping your content up to date. Search engines like to know that a site can be trusted, keeping your software up to date shows that you’re on top of security patches and glitch fixes.

Software updates can be sporadic at best, while I have been populating this website, some of the software has needed 2 updates, others haven’t needed anything. Because of updates sporadic nature, making sure the different aspects of the websites are compatible is a major task. I do pre-emptive checks to try to mitigate any excessive downtime and then check after the update to make sure everything is still working. 

I offer a comprehensively inclusive package tailored to your website to make sure it’s kept up and running as much as possible.
6 or 12 months of maintenance are included with Silver or Gold website builds respectively.