from £600

With 6+ pages, gold websites are a great way to promote yourself and/or your business in a cost effective way. Blog away on whatever subject you desire, keep your friends and family apprised of what’s going on with, integrating pictures, videos and text the way you want them.

What you get when you go for gold

Additional options available on a gold website build

Make your site an online shop.

With WooCommerce, a hugely powerful suite that can convert your website into a profitable enterprise. It doesn’t matter what you want to sell, I can help you do it online. 

I can assist with trining your “shop manager” to be able to add new products, adjust existing products and fulfil customer orders.

Show it off

Catalogues are a great way of showing customers what products you have available, but can’t buy direct from your website. Catalogues can easily link up to ebay or Amazon, or any other online marketplace. Or can simply link to a ‘contact’ page so that your customers email or ring to order. Now that’s flexible. 

The pros and cons.

+ A great centralised place your customers can see what you offer and where to get it from. Search functions can be used to help them find what they want.

– No direct ordering. Your customers have to do more to get the products they want. 

+ Catalogues are much lower initial cost than having your own e-commerce store. But using other marketplaces has it’s own downsides…

A picture says a thousand words… so how many stories can 10 pictures tell? 

Tell them loud